Bamapalooza-Chocolate (Yeah Baby!)

It's no secret that our family loves chocolate.  So, while in St. Augustine we visited the home of Whetstone Chocolatiers.  Oh my people!  Is it safe to say that all eight of us (Malachi doesn't count...he gets mom's milk), loved it.  The samples were so worth the tour of the chocolate factory.  Of course, the history lesson and information the kids received were wonderful too. 

Ace took the pictures for us and I have no idea what this machine does.

Or this one.

However, I do know that some of the samples included dark chocolate to which I almost didn't try but am so glad I did.  I've never tasted a smoother or more rich dark chocolate than I did at Whetstone.  Oh yummy!  And yes, we did leave home with some of it too...which I have to hide from Bryant.

Just a side note:  Apparently, Whestone didn't have any oompa loompas much to the disappointment of the kids.

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