Bamapalooza-Castille de San Marcos

We ventured into the city one day with the kids and all our crew.  Ace took over camera duty when we made it into the Castillo.  Wow, this structure was amazing...but don't take my word for it.

Here is Zoe's first ever post!  Enjoy (oh the joys of homeschooling and making your kids practice their writing skills for all the world to see).

Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida was very interesting. It was never taken by force. Instead, it was handed over in peace treaties. Castillo De San Marcos, which is pronounced CasteeO DE San MarcOs, was first occupied by the Spanish, then it was handed over to the British, then the British to the Americans. The Fort was made of coquina, which turned out to be surprisingly strong. The British changed the Castillo De San Marcos name when they occupied the fort to Fort St. Mark. Castillo De San Marcos still stands today in St. Augustine. by Zoe, age 9

Dad's favorite shorts.  Great shot, no?  All pictures provided by Ace.

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