Bamapalooza-Alligator Farm and Fort Matanzas

We took another trip on our Bamapalooza ventures to the Alligator Farm.  Charming fella, isn't he?

Getting ready.

This is an albino alligator.  I've never seen one.  And they, like me, can get sunburned.

Our gators chomping at the bit.

Hands down the coolest (and most dangerous in terms of poo) was the Rookery.  Thousands of birds in trees all over laying eggs and raising babies.  The kids were amazed they could see this:
And even babies in nests.  Lots of beautiful birds too.

And we all enjoyed feeding the alligators from the bridge and watching them swarm (we fed them those food pellets found at all zoos).
But, watching this zookeeper feed the alligators fresh rats.  Now that was quite interesting (if not a little gross).

On the way home from the zoo, we stopped at Fort Matanzas which isn't really a fort.  It's more of a watchtower.  The locals just began calling it a fort and it stuck.  Very neat old structure and the kids enjoyed the ferry ride to and from it.

Safe to say they got some "larnin'" in while on vacation.  Ah the joys of having a mom who enjoys history.

Bryant was a bit tired from all our site seeing.  I had forgotten the sling so I had to use this carrier for Malachi.  By the afternoon, Bryant was asking to get in it.  He loved it too!

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