Busy Busy...

We have had a wonderful very busy May and going in to June.  Including a Transue Invasion!  That alone explains why I haven't been blogging!

So, to start off my reentry into the blog world, here are some beautiful pictures of Malachi taken by the very talented Aunt Tracy.  Stay tuned because our annual/semi-annual family pictures have been made and we are all anxiously awaiting the results!

I could come up with several captions...
"Superman!  Away!"
"Who's cute?"  "Me!"

Either way this is one of my super favorite pictures and was on the birth announcements (that one day I will post here).

 Mama Hen?!  Yes ma'am.
His shirt says Baby Geek spelled out using the Periodic Table of Elements.  Yes, I found it on pinterest!

This daddy loves his babes.
Set for takeoff!  Aunt Tracy made the hat and we had to squeeze it on his big ol' head.  My babies and their big heads (and bodies and such).

Dinos like pacis too!

Another favorite.  The Bible is opened to his birth verse.  Psalm 111:4, 7-8

 How awesome is this?  He has no clue what's in store for him.

And while I'm looking at these pictures, I'm caught off guard by how big this boy has grown!  He started rolling over yesterday (6/13) from his back to his belly.  This week we had to make a run to Target (or Tarjey...depending on how upscale you want to sound).  I thought I had plenty of summer 6-9 month clothes but when we pulled the bin down, I realized I didn't!  All of my boys were summer boys with the exception Liam and he stayed pretty small so I never bought 6-9 mth boys.  Six to nine months ya'll...he just turned three months old.   Don't let the size fool ya.  He looks a bit chunky but his clothing size is mostly from length!

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