Malachi...for the relatives

Our Chi (like the greek least that's how I think you spell it...anyway), is growing and doing all the baby things he should.  And, apparently, I did not plan any baby pics for this, to satisfy the's some more pics of Malachi!

Relaxing before hitting the road...that was the calm before the storm (of siblings)!

There is a baby in there...#6 was not feeling up to snuff so he didn't make the pic.

 For some reason, Malachi's head is the favorite resting spot for several siblings.

More cuddles.
Josiah totally rocked the baby holding.  Malachi was a bit cranky about being passed around but Grandmere helped Josiah get him to sleep.  It never phased Josiah that Chi was crying.

Of course, Aunt Tracy had to get her hands on him!

And so did some friends from church.  J was able to get Malachi asleep as well!

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