Dive In

We're going on vacation really soon, so Mark and I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea for some of our non-swimmers to take some swim lessons and hopefully keep a few from drowning. Ace and Liam are so close to swimming so they were a must. What we weren't sure of was Josiah. He had never had a swim lesson by himself before and I really don't count the "mommy & me" class we took. Although, that was fun. So, we weren't sure whether to put him in or not. We finally decided to give it a try.

Here's how it went down (again, didn't get pictures except the last night). The first night, Josiah cried. The whole time. And did everything they said, while crying. We were really wondering if this was going to be worth the money. The second lesson, Josiah cried but only when he had to do something. And he still did it. Hmm, this might work after all. By the third lesson, he was smiling and informed us that he was having fun! He spent the rest of the lessons smiling and listening and doing all that was asked. He's getting pretty good at floating and pretty good at swimming on his back! Not something any of our other 4 year olds have been able to do!

As for Ace & Liam, well, they had a wonderful teacher!  Ace is at independent swimming status and Liam is so close but needs a bit more confidence.  His teacher didn't make it to the last class until the very end and Liam all but refused to do anything for his substitute teachers.  He was really scared and just didn't trust these total strangers.  But, as soon as Mr. Eric walked in, he did everything that was asked.  I talked with his instructor afterwards and it really all boils down to his confidence in being able to do things.  Hopefully, when summer gets here (and at least our vacation), he'll have that confidence.

We were really proud of all of them and how hard they worked!

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