Ceili Rain's Birthday Weeks

We ventured out a week before Ceili Rain's birthday to start off her celebrations.  Mark felt we needed to do it then rather than trying to get out on the day of her birthday.  Good thoughts considering Malachi and I came home from the hospital on her birthday.  And, she's three, and doesn't really care when or where we celebrate.   The longer the celebrations the better!

They proved to be longer too.  She received gifts from Ge & Granddaddy while we were in the hospital and was able to celebrate with Papa and Grandmere on her actual birthday.  As far as the cake...which we were informed was very important when singing "Happy Birthday!"  Well, that came the day after her birthday.  Mom just wasn't up to snuff to decorate on the day of.  She didn't seem to mind having to wait one more day for her cake though!

So, for her birthday, we took her to Build-a-Bear.  We thought, at three, she would surely enjoy making her own decision and decorating a bear to go with it!  She did.  She was in total heaven!

 She had a lot of help picking out an animal to stuff.  

But, in the end, she knew what she wanted... pink bunny with daisies all over it.

She still wasn't quite sure what was going on.

But, then she saw the almost finished product.

We all stuffed her full of hearts.  

Then Ceili Rain took her to bathe her.  A job she took very seriously.

And, then she choose her name.  Daisy...how appropriate.  When we got home though, she told us her name was Prissy...except she couldn't add the 'r' in Prissy so it came out...well, you know.  I think she's since stuck with Daisy.

Celebrating at the hospital with Ge & Granddaddy!

And here at our family celebration the day after.  Ace took these pictures and I think he did a good job if I do say so myself.

As, I decorated her cake, she informed me that she wanted a "queen" to go on her head...not just her cake.
I didn't take this in to account and had not gotten her a crown.  We quickly remembered that Zoe had this tiara from a long time ago and she promptly got it and plopped it on Ceili Rain's head.  Happy Princess!

When we were discussing cakes, she first told me she wanted a chocolate cake in the shape of a "queen" (that'd be a crown), but then, by no coercion on my part, decided she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and m&ms and a crown.  I'm still patting myself on my back that I remembered to pick up Valentine's M&M's in February...and that I hid them from myself and the kids until her birthday.  So, here is her cake request in all it's glory!

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