Baby Update

I figured I  had better update for today or everybody would think we were having a baby or something.  I had contractions throughout the night and did wake up with some of them.  However, they were not close enough or strong enough for me to stay awake so I was able to get some rest.  I'm noticing very little this morning so they are either fizzling out or getting ready for the big ones.  I'd love to think the latter, but for now, we'll just wait, pray and see.

On another note.  My aunt fell out of her attic yesterday and has some head injuries.  I'm still not sure of the extent but prayers for her, her daughter and her husband are most appreciated.

And trust me, I will alert all my facebook peeps and blogger peeps when it's time for us to head to the hospital.  Okay, probably after they confirm my labor and we're set to stay.

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