Guess time

Since it looks like Malachi will probably wait until next week or later to come, I'll go ahead and start a baby pool.  When do you think Malachi will come?

To be certain, it will be before March 9th which is a week after my due date and when Mark and I are looking at an induction.

So, here's our guesses:
Mark:  March 9th (he has such high hopes)
Me:  March 5th
Zoe:  March 2nd
Ace: March 4th...because we could say, "March forth Malachi!"
Liam:  February 28th
Josiah: February 29th (but he told me he hopes not...for birthday party planning, me too)

And Ceili Rain and Bryant have no clue what we're talking about so they don't care to guess.

And, if you're feeling fiesty, go ahead and guess weight and length.  Here's some tidbit helps for that.

I've only had one baby under 8 lbs and that was 7 lbs 4 oz. 
The rest were over 8 lbs and have gone all the way up to 9 lbs. 6 oz.
I do not have gestational diabetes...just big babies.
None of my babies are below 20 inches long.  None.  They're mostly 21 inches.

I'll get Josiah's birth story up tomorrow so look for that!

For now, happy guessing and, of course, we'll update if there's anything to update!


  1. I'll put this in for Tammy W. who is wishing a monster baby on me(Abbie):
    2/27 and 10 lbs 3 oz.

  2. Grandmere's mother was born on March 3 so for sentimental reasons that is her guess. (She lived to be 96!)

  3. Papa guesses March 1 [get past the Leap Year date!]