The Destructo Duo at their Cutest

A couple of weekends ago, I braided Zoe's hair in small braids so that when she woke up on Sunday and took them out she had wavy hair. She loves that! Ceili Rain saw it and asked for braids too. Braiding a two year old's hair in tiny, yeah, she doesn't stay still...wasn't happening. So, I curled it in sponge rollers instead. And while she fussed at night, she didn't take them down. And this was the result. Too precious!And it stayed curly for two days.

 We're big Awana buffs...since Mark is now the sole Commander of our club!  Bryant's ready to be a Cubbie if he can figure out how to get the vest on.
Wednesday's trash day.  It doesn't matter where Ceili Rain and Bryant are, when the trash truck comes through they come running to our school room and sit at the window.  And sometimes, they get along and do this!  Josiah's pretty excited to watch too but not as much as the Destructo Duo is!

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