Thanksgiving weekend, we traveled to Granddaddy and Ge's house.  Along with staying out all night with Ge and Aunt Yaya, we stuffed my face silly, laughed at the kids having a blast and celebrated Christmas with my aunt and my cousins and their children.  We had a wonderful, relaxing trip!  Let the eye candy begin!  My kids are too adorable not to post a ton of pictures from this trip.

The cafe was a success...I believe this was turkey made by my lovely niece and Zoe.  At one point, they had to fire Liam.
Aunt Yaya got in prime tickling time with all the kids.
It's safe to say that Ceili Rain was snuggled and loved by everyone including her big cousin!
Definitely enjoyed being a princess.
Toenails and fingernails were primed and painted.  I love seeing my children and their cousins having such a good time!
Bryant enjoyed all the dogs including the ones that were not real.
Granddaddy got a big box that quickly turned into a hiding place, a house, and other things.
How many cousins can fit into a box?

Present time.  Always a treat!
One of my cousin's kids.  He's just like his dad!

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