Did I mention the Aisans?

Nothing truly exciting happened in D.C.  Well, that isn't totally true.  If I had charged, I could have made a little extra money for snapshots of my kids.  On our first day in DC, I decided to make everyone wear the same colored shirt so I could spot us all easily if we had to spread out on the metro and as we got on and off, etc.  We went to the Postal Museum first (which is a very good hands on museum even if the security guard did follow us everywhere).  After lunch, we had just enough time to hop on the metro, go to the Air & Space Museum and then hop back on the metro before rush hour.

When we walked into the Air & Space Museum there were a bunch of foreign tourists.  This I know by the fact that they did not speak English and each one of them had a camera.  They saw all my children and quickly motioned for us all to get together so they could exploit take a picture of us.  The dear child that stayed with us while her daddy was in training during the day was thoroughly confused but happily obliged.  Then, I explained to her that there are not a lot of large families in Aisan countries (nor ours for that matter) and seeing a bunch of little children all dressed alike was pretty exciting for them.

The next day, we headed back to the Air & Space Museum in an attempt to see all we had not seen in the 30 minutes we were there the day before.  And, as we were taking a potty break, the same thing happened again.  Except this time, each of the tourists wanted to get their picture made with our group.  One at a time.  As you can imagine, my children were quite tired of it by the time they let us go and they made sure to voice their opinions.  They recovered quickly though and we made it through the whole museum without another invasion of picture taking.  Mark told me I should charge should it happen again!

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