On to December

The first part of December we were able to gather at Grandmere and Papa's house with Mark's brother and his family.  That's right, six adults (two of whom were pregnant), and thirteen children together again.  Thanks to a lot of organizing on Grandmere's part, the chaos was kept to a minimum.  It was a great, if not short, visit too!  We celebrated Grandmere's birthday and had a piano recital all packed into three days.

The zipline was a big hit.
Zoe and Cousin O enjoyed decorating Grandmere's cake.  Liam requested that we put butterflies on it.
Bryant loved hugging on Cousin K's neck.
Ceili Rain and Cousin TJ were best buds most of the weekend.  They shared a common interest in the baby doll!
We ventured out to eat after our piano recital.  The buffet was a hit.  But the dessert bar, well, the kids loved it!
Ice cream with all the fixings...yep, that's good.
Awaiting her marshmallow because we always roast marshmallows at Papa's house!
Yes!  Marshmallows!
Again with the cousin lovin' for Ceili Rain.  This time it's Cousin G.
Everyone enjoyed our visit from Uncle D, Grandmere's brother. 

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