Piano Man...and Woman

In between travels, Zoe and Ace had their first official piano recital with their teacher Mrs. T.  They've been taking for the past two years and have done really well.  We just recently figured out that Ace can play a bit by ear.  Zoe was teaching herself "The First Noel" and Ace heard her playing it and picked up on several different measures too.  That thrills this non-musically talented mama to no end.  This coming year we'll add Liam to the lessons and Mark will start teaching Ace percussion as well.  He's wanted to learn to play drums for quite some time and we have a live-in instructor so my house will be full of endless musical noise!

Excuse the spots.  I have no idea what was on our new camera lens.

Ge & Granddaddy made the trek up to hear them play (and deliver the wood for the boys' beds...don't worry, I'm getting there).

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