Birthday Celebration, American Girl Style

I'll say, at least, this one of the most memorable birthdays for Zoe.  Back in August, we talked about going to the American Girl store for her birthday.  She loved the idea and quickly agreed to save up her money to help in purchasing a doll.  She worked hard too.  She watched every penny she spent and made sure she had enough to help with the doll purchase.  So, December was the month.  Ge, Grandmere, Aunt Yaya and cousin J all traveled from the ends of the earth (okay, from a few hours away), to converge on The American Girl Store and eat brunch at the Bistro.  Let me just say, that this place is every little girl's (and big girl's) dream!  We were all in doll heaven and couldn't get over looking at all the sweet things.  Ceili Rain's eyes were as big as saucers when we walked in.  Aunt Yaya asked her if she wanted to look at something and she slowly shook her head yes.  When she asked her what she just shrugged her shoulders...there was so much to see.

Cinnamon mini muffins...yummy.  Ceili Rain enjoyed eating the butter too.
 Cousin J and Zoe modeling their "hats!"
 Zoe with Marie-Grace her new doll.
 Marie-Grace with her best friend Cecile on display.  I loved Cecile's curly hair and her beautiful dresses!
They shrunk!
The mall also had a carasoul which was spotted pretty quickly from the parking lot.

Of course, the girls had to ride.
Aren't these the prettiest girls!

After a trip to the American Girl store we celebrated with the boys with cake at Ge's house.  Zoe also had a fun filled day on her actual birthday too!

Her request for cake this year was a chocolate-vanilla swirl cheesecake.  I also made chocolate whipped topping for it too!  It was super yummy which is why I didn't take a picture of it.

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