Christmas Celebration Part 1

After the American Girl blast, we enjoyed a fun Christmas time with Abbie's family.

Ace taught Bryant how to smile for the camera.
Bryant just loved the "horsies."
Granddaddy's lap was always full of children.

And then gift time came!

There is a Ceili Rain in there somewhere.
Hands down she was the cutest.  We started a new tradition last year where the kids all open one gift at a time.  That way, they can all see what each other got and get properly excited about it.  Ceili Rain would open a gift and ohh and ahh and then ask to see each of the other kids gifts and then exclaim, "Oh my goodness!"
Bryant enjoyed his toys but playing with Ceili Rain's bracelets was also a plus.
Little ballerina princess.  She loved her tutu and tiara.
Uncle J is serious about some present opening!
Sorry, Yaya but it looked like you were super serious about something!

Zhu zhu pets all around.  Each of the kids got one and battle armor to go with it.  These are fun little rat/hamsters!  No, really, they are!

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