Our Attempt at Cool Pics

Tracy Carr (aka Aunt Tracy) met up with us in between our stops across the Southeast and did pictures for us for Christmas cards.  She also got some maternity pics and a few great candid shots.  I was so excited about these pictures!  She gets more and more better with each time.  We giver her lots of practice too!

Merry Christmas from a Bunch of Characters!

 Yep, this is our family...everybody running everywhere!
A great looking bunch of siblings if I do say so myself!
Note the tongue action on Ace!
Never one to miss out on a swinging good time.  One of the reasons Mark needs to win "Daddy of the Year!"

Check it out...Ceili Rain and Bryant know where their bellies are!  Except Ceili Rain thinks there is a baby in hers.

 She's growing up too fast!
Probably one of my most favorite pictures of Ace.  He's getting to be a young man.  Sniff, sniff.
Spanish moss and a toddler...what could be better.
These are my most favorite maternity pics.

And this is us making fun of all those "professional" maternity pictures where the mom to be looks like she hates the idea of a baby much less being a mom...seriously...it's pretty awesome..smile moms!
Dramatic, no?

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  1. Love these pics, Abbie! Thanks for sharing. Misty