Up, up and away

Ever since I've known Mark (which would be high school), he's had a love of planes.  I don't know how he does it, but he can spot a plane way up in the sky and tell you what kind it is and more.  He loves them!  He's always had a dream to get his pilot's license and while, right now it's a bit out of our price range, God did allow him to take an introductory lesson.

Our local newspaper ran a deal with an aviation company that offered introductory lesson/flights for a good price.  A really good price.  I didn't even ask Mark.  I just bought it for him for Christmas.  We had to tell him early though because the coupon expired November 1st.  He was excited none the less and really enjoyed his flight.

It was a small airport so the pilot allowed us (meaning the kids and me) to hang out right outside the airport.  They taxied out in front of us and landed in front of us.   And in between those two times, the kids found things to occupy their time.

Like climbing on columns.

Rocking in chairs.
And hamming it up for the camera.

The airport was hosting a drag racing competition that weekend (which we would have loved to go to had our weekend not been completely full already).  So, the guys in the background were setting up for it.  That provided a lot of the entertainment.

Mark said it was a lot of fun!  If you know Mark he doesn't get super excited.  But this.  Well, he got as excited as he usually does!  

Mark's Christmas Flight 01 from justabunchofcharacters on Vimeo.
Taking off!

And landing!

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