Seven is a...

I won't beat around the bush so here it is!

In March, we will meet our newest little 


Isn't he adorable?

Our newest one to the bunch will be named:

Malachi Ian to be exact.  Yep, we finally worked Ian into a name!  Malachi has been one of Mark's favorite names for awhile now.  We had started out with another name but when I mentioned Malachi Ian, Mark was all for it.

Malachi means "messenger of God" and Ian means "God is gracious."  We truly feel blessed to have little Malachi growing strong and healthy.  God has graciously blessed us with this little one (and all of our little ones) and we are reminded of that more each day.

The five oldest went with us to the ultrasound and they were all excited!  Ceili Rain wasn't sure what to think and now she wants to see the baby all the time.  She is still insisting that he is a princess but she's slowly realizing that we are talking about something totally different and is working around to calling him Malachi.

*And big thanks to Tracy for taking this quick shot with my rinky dink camera (and not her way super cool slr) so I could put it up on the blog tonight!  We'll do it right when family pictures roll around!


  1. Hi, Abbie,
    I LOVE your scrabble letters for Malachi's name. That's an awesome pic. : ) You're so creative.

  2. congrats on #7! and i must say "malachi" is GREAT pick.
    we have a little malachi of our own and are proud that he carries such a strong name.
    congrats again!