REVIEW: Super Star Speech

This review is way past due.  It started with me somehow missing the product over email (it wound up in cyberspace) and then proceeded with me dealing with the adventures of first trimester hyped up with progesterone.

But now, I'm ready! 

Super Star Speech is a new at home speech program.  Josiah's adorable and he's four and he hasn't quite gotten his "l" and "r" sounds.  Super Star Speech has a book to help address that issue.

Zoe was three when someone recommended I have her tested for speech.  She had just a few sounds, like Josiah, that weren't quite there.  She was tested and qualified and we went through a year of speech therapy.  And it really helped.

With that bit of speech background, I knew that Josiah was a little behind but not that bad.  We can, for the most part understand him.  When I received the book, everything in it was a lot like what I was told Zoe had been doing in her speech sessions.  I was really impressed with the professionalism yet ease of guiding a parent in to helping children learn and speak certain sounds.

I received the Superstar R&L because I knew that was where Josiah's weakest points are.   When I read the introduction, I realized that those two sounds are really attained until about six or seven years of age.  Josiah's four, but I knew,  that a bit of gentle coaching would help him attain those sounds he's missing.  Plus, to teach him properly to read, it really does help if he can form all his consonant sounds orally.  Our school schedule has changed just enough that I'm able to work in the Superstar here and there throughout our weeks.  As the year, progresses, I fully anticipate seeing his speech improving!

I really wish that I had this program when Zoe was younger.  I searched everywhere for an at-home program but had no luck!  I'm so glad this resource is now available!

The book lays out just how to teach certain sounds.  It provides games, a list of words that both start with the sounds and have them in the middle.  There are also lesson plan sheets.  So, you can cater each lesson to the need of the child.  The books are available in spiral bound for $18.95 or you can get the e-book version for 30% less at Currclick.

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Disclaimer:  This is a MamaBuzz Media review. The product was provided by: Super Star Speech for this review.

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  1. so being the speech therapist that I am, i was practically yelling at you for even bothering to worry about those sounds at 4 years old ... but then you stated that you knew it was early, so i'll quit screaming at you! you are right, sometimes a little gentle guiding helps a lot!! also, check out the book "hooway for wodney wat" its a cute little storybook that addresses /r/ problems.