Princess Dresses and the Lion

This afternoon, I told Ceili Rain I wanted a hug and kiss and asked her where they went.

"I don't know!  Maybe the lion ate them."

So, I told her she better find that lion because I wanted a hug and kiss and a chase began only to be ended quickly because we realized daddy was home and a daddy trumps lion chasing any day.

And since daddy was home, she had to follow him in to our closet where she spotted my dresses.

She came out with one hand on her hip and the other over her mouth grinning.

"I saw your princess dresses, Mommy!"

Mark said she spotted my dresses hanging up and asked in wide eyed wonder, "Are those Mommy's princess dresses?"

I have proof she's silly and fun and just adorable.

I've still got the clothes boxes down from the Great Seasonal Swap Out.  She found a pair of one of the boy's swimshorts and decided she need to pretend to go swimming.

Here's the result:

Someone please tell me how to get blogger to realize I've saved and uploaded my pictures the right way!

Pay no attention to the overturned shopping cart, toys, puzzles and other various things scattered all over my floor.  This is real life people!  I will clean up if you come over though.  Well, most of the time.  For now, let's just focus on the most adorable 2 year old around.

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  1. She's my favorite two year old!! :)