The Dress

A quiet night at home one night led to me playing on pinterest and finding a tutorial for a maternity dress out of a t-shirt.

I was so excited because for about fix or six months I've been holding on a t-shirt that I love but couldn't wear anymore.  Not because I was pregnant.  My belt (that I wore before I was pregnant) tore several holes in the shirt.   They were big enough and so many in number that I couldn't really fix them by sewing them.  But, I held on to the shirt because I loved the cut and style...and I got it for like $2 at Target.  Here's what it looks like now:

So, I spent more than intended by purchasing the linen.  And I didn't realize until I put it together that the linen is heavy on a lightweight shirt.

But, I loved the result!  And I love the dress!  It is very comfortable and it was very easy to make.  If I hadn't messed up on it and had to pull out some very stubborn stitches it would have taken an hour.

I'll make another one, if I have time, the right fabric, and the right t-shirt (which I'm searching through my closet for right now).

My latest sewing endeavors this week include making vests for three boys and turning black Goodwill pants into knickers.  We have a colonial days festival coming up and I have five very eager children who want to dress up for it.  The girls are pretty much ready (except for their drapes which should take about two minutes to do).  The boys...well, I haven't even got the pattern cut out for the vests yet.  Help!

But, here's one more look at the dress and includes a good shot of my 19 week baby belly!

Don't forget to get your vote on as to whether Seven is a boy or girl!  Go to my main page and see the poll on the top left.  We are praying we'll find out this week!

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