Ceili Rain and Bryant Random Sayings and Such

A sweet mom brought pudding for the Cubbies to snack on at church.  Ceili Rain is half a cubbie so she gets to go in and do all they do only she doesn't get a vest or patches.  Anyway, I asked her if she had thanked the mom and she said she hadn't so she went to do it.  And she did, and the mom was talking to someone else and they were trying to make sure they got her name right.  The mom asked her, "Ceili Rain, is that your name?"  Ceili Rain shook her head yes and then slowly shook it no.  The mom asked, "Well, what's your name?"  "I a princess," is how she responded.


Ceili Rain got up one morning this week and said, "Where's my baby?  Oh dere it is."  And pointed to my belly.  I asked her if the baby was a girl or boy.  "A girl.  No, no, no.  I jus' kiddin'.  Da baby is goin' to be a pwincess!"  I just pray she'll be okay if the baby turns out to be a prince.

If we (she) lose something of Ceili Rain's and you ask her where it is.  She'll say, "I don't know.  Maybe the lion ate it."  We're not sure where the lion is hiding but we've never met him.  He does, however, release them eventually because we typically find them.


If she feels like something is itchy like a nose or a fly, then a ladybug is to blame.   For instance, she got something in her eye and was scratching it and she said, "Mommy, a ladybug is in my eye."


Everything belongs to Ceili Rain...my baby, my Bryant, my daddy, my mommy, etc.  She's happy to share us but we're all hers.  And I'm okay with that!


We've heard that last week while Mom and Dad were away that Ceili Rain was either talking or singing which is typical here too.  She loves to sing "Hold my heart...mama...dada"  and is learning "Jesus loves me"   The "Hold my heart" is probably because we all enjoy listening to Jamie Grace.  When we hear her song on the radio, she'll yell out, "Jamie Grace!  Mama!  Jamie Grace!"  She's going to be super bummed that we can't take her with Zoe and I to their concert.

We'll just turn up this video really loud and pretend we're at a concert.


I want to remember some of Bryant's words at 14 months so I'm writing them down here.  Ignore my mommy brain trying to dump.

-Roll Tide:  "oooo tide."
-Amen:  he thinks that's how we should begin and end prayers and he'll even fold his hands!
-Mama and Daddy and he knows it now!
-ball: one of his favorite words
-go:  when racing down the hall
-ready, set, go which comes out "uh, uh, goooo!"  when he really wants to race or he's throwing the ball down the hall
-Ace:  and if Ace slips out to take the trash Bryant will stand at the door and call him.  Word has it he called for Ace a lot last week while mommy and daddy were away.
-Zoe:  o-e
-Josiah:  Diah
-Ceili Rain:  a-a (Cei Rai)
-Raffe:  ra-e (Ceili Rain's giraffe
-Paci:  Papi
-Papa: for Papa
-uh oh
-more:  mo
-doggy: goggy

And a few more I can't remember right now.

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