Happy Birthday Bryant!

So, Bryant turned one last month and we celebrated!  First the prep:

We went simple...chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  And chocolate cupcakes for the guests!
We got this adorable fondant topper from KidsCakes on Etsy.  I got Ceili Rain's and Josiah's cake decorations from the same place!  I loved it! And it was so worth it.

Now to the Birthday boy's main attraction:

"May I have the cake please?"

 Now, he actually went face first into it, so we cut off a piece and he was very happy.
"Can you believe they're letting me eat the whole cake?!"
Sugar.  High.
Pause for a bit of liquid refreshment

And then he couldn't resist the fondant.

Needless to say, he  loved it!  He didn't eat and grab the whole cake and only ate a couple of bites, but he enjoyed every bit of it.

Ceili Rain enjoyed the cupcakes.

And then it was bathtime.
Please don't think we're cruel.  He had fun shortly after this was taken. It does hold a bit of a "what in the world are they doing to me" caption though.

Ceili Rain enjoyed making baby Maggie cry and then laugh.

 Present time.  This boy loves balls.   About as much as big brother Josiah!  He also can throw them.  Hard and far!
Happy birthday to our sweet baby boy Bryant! 

He's been so much fun this first year of his life.  From teeth at two months to crawling at five months to walking at eleven months (forgot to post on that...sorry).  He's a trip all the way around.  He loves his brothers and sisters, getting into everything and climbing all over everyone.  His brothers and sisters are equally enthralled with him.  They love to carry him everywhere, "wrestle" with him, and have him chase them around.  He can laugh in a quick minute and usually when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't.  He says several words including, "uh oh,"  "ba" for ball, "dada," "hi," "bye bye," "mama" when prompted, "Papa" when prompted, and he tries to make some different distinct sounds for each of his brothers and sisters when we say their names.  Regardless, he's constantly making noise whether it's babbling (loudly) or banging a toy on furniture.  We never lose track of him for long!  He is a light and joy and we praise God for each day we are given with him.

Here are his stats at one year:
20 lbs.  20% (at least he's twenty pounds...the boy eats ya'll...and he was getting mama's milk from the freezer two to three times a day for about a month)
30 1/2 inches tall 75%
19 inches head 95%

And now you know the "after" of a one year old's haircut.

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