Happy Birthday Ace!

Ace got to celebrate his birthday a week early when his cousins came to visit with Ge and Granddaddy.  Granddaddy and Ge totally knocked the birthday gift out of the park.  They got Ace a pair of real walkie talkies.  They were in heaven for over a week.

Now, Ace's birthday party was the same day as Bryant's birthday.  That may seem cruel but Bryant didn't seem to mind (or even realize).  Ace's birthday is three days after Bryant's thus the thought to double up for a little while.  I was not pregnant when we planned his party but it just so happened that I was.  Several months before his birthday, our local daily deal site ran a deal with Putt-Putt.  It was much like Liam's bowling party in that it included stuff for up to six people.  So, we grabbed two of them.  For as long as they could stand it Ace, his siblings, his daddy, and his friends had a blast in the game area (20 tokens for each kid), putt putt (in 100+ degree weather), bumper boats, and laser tag.  It was awesome!  And cheap!  I was happy about the cheap part.  Basically, we spent about an 1/8th of the cost of actually renting a party room and doing it through Putt-Putt.  I know that is cheap but it so worked!  After not finding some friends for an hour, everyone gathered together and had a good time.  They even outlasted the parents and we ran the Crimson Caravan Commuter after the kids were all pooped out.

Ace requested a carrot cake.  I found these cute laser tag printouts for cheap on etsy.  Yeah, I could have made them, but the baby in my growing belly said to just buy them.  So I did.  And luckily for us, none of the kids liked the "spicy" birthday cake...so it was all ours...and yummy!

 The laser tag teams.  Papa's team lost but all the kids could talk about for a long time was Papa playing laser tag with them.  They thought that was pretty awesome!
He had such a good time!  And that was our goal.
I have no idea what it was but it was worth catching flies over!
Thanks Papa and Grandmere!  Our new car trip family favorite (and rest time too)...Jonathan Park!  We love it!

Mark's Buddy!  Just ignore the food in Mark's mouth.  He was chowing down.

Bumper Boats!  They shot water which was perfect for finishing up Extreme Heat Putt Putt.

 Bryant got to watch from the sidelines.  Upside down.  (Not really...sorry about that).

Any guesses how old Ace is now?

On Ace's actual birthday, he got to skip school, open gifts from family, have pj day, and watch a movie.  I didn't get a picture of what we actually gave him but I will at some point.

Happy Birthday my sweet Ace-Man.  Our gift from God!

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