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I can tell the first trimester blahs are getting close to being over.  I'm starting to brainstorm creative ideas.

And today, for the first time in over six weeks, I actually got to my sewing machine and started creating.  Of course, I had to have an afternoon nap first and then clear out the mass of stuff that had accumulated on and around my craft area the past six weeks.  But, I got there and got in some quality time with my machines.  It does a heart good.

During my brainstorming and nausea and "restricted activity" and Zoe's bought with a virus (thankfully, not strep but two more times and those tonsils are gone!), I also watched HGTV Design Star.  That just made me crave a big project (well, that and pregnancy always seems to bring a big project).

So, my next big project is going to be our china cabinet.

Mark and I found it about two to three years ago at a used furniture store.  I love it.  But, it's stained.  And nothing is stained in my kitchen.  Well, the floors are but that doesn't count.  So, it kind of just sticks out like a big brown box on my wall near the dining room table.

So, thanks to Pinterest, I've put together what I'm going to do to overhaul the china cabinet.

First, paint.  My dad is going to flip but it's paint or nothing...and here's what it will look like:

My cabinet is missing one of the handles on the drawers so those are going to be replaced with pulls that hopefully look vintage like these (but I'm going to go cheap):

I'll probably paint the smaller knobs on the cabinet doors and the glass door white or red or green...hmmm.

Then, to go totally bold, I'm going to add fabric to the back board of the cabinet.  I think this is really going to make my black and white china stand out, as well as my Christmas china.  It's bit strong, and totally matches all the fun colors in the kitchen:
Source: via Abbie on Pinterest

Blame it all on HGTV if it doesn't turn out totally great.  Zoe saw the fabric and just flipped.  But then, she's my kid!  I just ordered the fabric this week so it's going to be awhile (meaning we have to have a free weekend...oh, maybe Labor Day...yeah, that'll work.) before we get started on it. 

So, what do you think?  Has this pregnancy finally brought me over the edge?

I'll try and remember to post before and after pictures!

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