How to Cut a One Year Old's Hair

Three adults, well, four if you count the one wielding the camera
Squirt bottle so little hairs don't fly into baby's face (and for the "fun factor")
Scissors for two adults
Lots of Patience

First, in the throes of morning sickness, forget to take before pictures until after you've sprayed the water and the one year old's hair looks all scraggely.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun!"

Next, position an adult over the baby, one adult on one side and one on the other.  Adult over baby holds head down.

*Lastly, have a free for all and try to get hair as even as possible!  It's basically a cut-let go and relax-cut again cycle.

For the record, Bryant desperately needed a haircut and on the eve of his first birthday Grandmere and Papa were visiting so having a skilled adult with this still unskilled mama was a we had two extra adults for pictures and head control.  Bryant's the first of the bunch that does not have a cowlick in front.  That means he has to have a bowl cut, no-doubt-about-it.  And he looks adorable!  Even if I cut around his ears too short...I always do that.  I'm just starting him off with it early!

Check back tomorrow for the results of the cut and a celebration of all things Bryant as he turns one!
*No babies were harmed in this process.  Not even on accident!

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