While we're on the subject...

Since I had to share a Liam silly, I'll share an Ace one.

Ace tends to take his time eating if there is something on his plate that he doesn't enjoy.  We also have a rule that you must clean your plate if you want seconds. 

So, the other night we were having meatloaf and potatoes (classic American meal, I'd say).  He ate up his meatlof (because it's meat and what boy doesn't like meat) but didn't want the potatoes.  He did want a second helping of meat but we reminded him of our rule so he sat there with the potatoes on his plate staring it down.  Finally, after we all finished eating and were getting ready to head out the door, he decided to eat.  When Mark told him he needed to be done, he got up to put his plate away and exclaimed, "And I ate those potatoes for nothing!"

If I had heard it, I think I would have discussed how he had, indeed, eaten them for something...to grow!  But alas, I was in another part of the house and Mark was the only one who heard and he disciplined and ran off to laugh.

I told you all.

We always win!

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