If You're Ever in a Stare Down Contest

Well, let's just say don't ever enter a stare down contest with Liam.  He was not extremely happy with my meal choices for supper the other night and let it be known by his extremely grumpy face (which for Liam is a goofy face).  Mark decided he'd try to match wits and make the same face and a few other goofy ones to get him to smile.

It almost worked.

Until Liam announced, "Your frown is making me toot.*"

That did it for Mark.  He lost.  Liam just continued right on with his grumpy face. 

After Mark recovered, though, he got Liam back and managed to disarm the grumpiness and squeeze out a smile.

We win.

We always win.

We may have to change our drawers from laughing so hard....but rest assured.




*In case you don't know what a toot is...you're probably better off not knowing.  I'll just say it's a bodily function.

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