Welcome Back!

We're back in town for a couple of weeks.  And back among the internet world.  I know I was horribly missed!

So, you may ask (okay, you probably didn't but it's my blog so I'll share anyway), where in the world did the Bunch wander off to this time.

Well, we were in quite a few places.  We went to one state, dropped off three kids, and back to our home state to attend a home school convention.  We took the nursing babe and Zoe and Ace.

So, who was there at the conference?  Well...Ken Ham, Kevin Swanson and this man:

You may have heard me mention, a time or two, about Voddie Bauchum, Jr.  Well, we got to listen to and meet him.  In the flesh!  That was after they found him though.

Yeah, I'm not sure how you lose a man this large at a homeschool convention, but they did.  He missed his first session and they were not sure where he was.  It was later that we learned that there was a miscommunication and his flight didn't arrive into the area until 12.  There was no way he could have done an 11 o'clock session.

We weren't going to be total groupies and get our picture made with him...just decided to stalk him (after we met him) and snap his picture a few times.  I know we are such nerds.  Most people want to meet rock stars and movie stars.  Us, we like to meet preachers and teachers.

And bloggers...

While I was waiting in line for the used book sell, I sent Mark with Ace and Bryant to check out the two math curriculums we had it narrowed down to.  While he was meeting and schmoozing with Todd Wilson and other vendors, he saw a familiar face among the shoppers.

That's them in the left hand corner.  He was trying to snap a picture incognito to make sure it was them.  Yes, he reads her blog over my shoulder.

It was Lora from Vitafamiliae.  I was pumped.  And Mark quickly came out and took my place in line so I could become a friend and not a blog stalker (which I don't consider myself as such because I've posted on her blog many a time...because her life is sooo like mine).  We chatted so long that we missed the start of the sell.  And Mark had to come find me.  I wish I had actually emailed her ahead of time to arrange a time for us to chat for real.  Mark didn't get to meet her husband (who is a lot like Mark, except he wears glasses) and we didn't get to visit near long enough.  Oh well maybe next time.

But back to the conference.  It was awesome!  Mark and I loved hearing the big speakers.  So much so, that we didn't really attend any of the other sessions but we did purchase cds of a few.  I really could sit and listen to Dr. Bauchum preach all day long.  Because I'm weird like that.  But I didn't have to tell you all that...you all pretty much can tell from what I write, huh?

Anyway, if you are ever near where Dr. Bauchum is preaching, you must drop all you are doing and go.  Immediately.  You will not be disappointed.

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  1. I can't believe you took an incognito picture! *laughing my head off!* We totally should have posed one! (I would have hidden behind my hair, as is my habit, of course!)

    I know how you feel about V.B. I felt sort of the same about Ken Ham. My dad used to haul me to every single debate or speaking engagement he had in our town. So I spent a lot of my childhood in dark theaters, listening to Ken Ham. Shortly after we saw y'all, we were checking out and Ken was behind the booth drinking a coffee. Andrew, ever the charmer, asked him where he found the Starbucks. I just really wanted to give him a hug and tell him it was from my dad.

    But that would have been decidedly unwelcome.

    I am SO GLAD you said hello. And yes, we definitely will schedule a meet-up next time!
    Hugs to you and the peeps!