Starting off...

We had a busy couple of weeks recently.  So, be prepared for an eyefull!

To start off, we attended a convention (more on that tomorrow).  We took three children with us and left three to have some extra special Grandmere and Papa time.  And the highlight of the trip...

...the pool at the hotel.  It was a very, very small pool...but it was adequate for Bryant's introduction to "bathing in clothes."  He thoroughly enjoyed it, by the way.

His highlight though had to be this:
He met the cutest baby in the world!

 And showered him with lots of kisses.  He even talked to him a time or two.  And he talked back.  That was a treat for my littlest man (who, by the way, is gaining wait very well.  He's up to 17 lbs 10 oz in two weeks).

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