Happy Mother's Day to Me!

This Mother's Day I have racked up.  Hearing Voddie Bauchum Jr.  (and hopefully meeting him), Kevin Swanson, and Ken Ham.  And getting some other great goodies (which I received early due to our gallivanting across the southeast)...

Hats for the kids!

Nah, I got something nice and shiny but it wasn't jewelry (thank goodness...what is a mom of six little ones going to do with jewelry???).  I finally got updated mixing bowls!  And a surprise...a mandolin (I think that's right...it's one of those super duper veggie slicer/dicer/julienne things).

The kids enjoyed the bowls as well.

Fashion accessory, "fun" mirror...not just a mixing bowl anymore!

I love my gifts and being able to celebrate fun and practical gifts.  For the record, I really don't want jewelry.  I hardly wear any except my wedding ring/engagement ring.  When we got married I never really though I'd have six children.  So, I didn't register for large family items (like a mandolin, very large bowls, etc...plus, we lived in a one bedroom apartment that was about the size of our kitchen now...not conducive to housing large items), so I'm ecstatic when I get practical gifts.  They make my everyday normal days go so much more smoother.

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