Bumps Bruises and Burns...Oh My!

Last Monday night was date night.  And this is how it started...
Sunday, I'm a little queasy and not feeling quite right.  Mark felt the same on Saturday but after a few hours felt better and chalked it up to being out in the heat working.  We both dismiss it and decide to continue with our plans to go out.

Monday rolls around and I still don't feel too well.  Mark's a little queasy at this point but we both are determined to celebrate our 15 year dating anniversary. 

I decide to get fancy and actually cook on date night.  After the designated time in the oven the chicken wasn't done, it was after 5 and I still had to feed Bryant.  I got Bryant "tanked up" ran to the closet to get dressed and left Mark to keep an eye on the chicken. 

As I'm trying to get ready, I heard a yell and thud and lots of commotion in the kitchen followed by Bryant's cries.    I run in to see Zoe holding Bryant and Mark trying to get to him.

Bryant was sitting at the play kitchen having a good ol' time.  Mark went to check on the chicken in the oven.  When he pulled it out (it was in a 9X13 dish on top of a cookie sheet), the cookie sheet slipped and tilted and the baking dish bumped out and fell on to the floor...and slid across the floor towards Bryant.  It slid, ya'll.  Bryant was sitting a good distance away from the oven too.  Upon our examination, we thought he may have been burned on his leg.  That was not the case though.  But we didn't find out until the next day.

While all this is going on, Liam yells at the top of his lungs and comes running down the hallway.  I think he's just frustrated about something (because that's the kind of kid he is) and sent him back to his room to cool off.  Bryant gets calmed down and I head to the closet to get myself ready.  Liam finally walks in while I'm putting on make-up and announces,
"I've got my self-control mommy."
"Oh good babe.  What's wrong?"
"I fell and hit my head on the metal thingy on Ace's bed."
 Believe it or not, I did stop what I was doing and give him a hug and talked to him quickly.  He was good to go.

About five minutes later we're waving goodbye to the babysitter and the kids.  I hugged Liam and he flinched.  I rubbed his head and, sure enough, he had a goose egg on the back of his head.  He said it hurt but we checked for signs of a concussion and he had none.  That kid's got a hard head.

Mark and I tried hard to have an enjoyable date.  And we did...when we weren't moaning about how bad we felt or running to the bathroom. There's no telling how many people we infected that night!

Tuesday morning dawned with me even more sick than before.  I got Bryant up to nurse him, in between bathroom trips, and noticed a nice blister on his hand.  He had not gotten burned on his leg but on his hand.  Since he had his nine month check up that day, I saved my call in to the doctor for another crisis.

Doctor B said it was a 2nd degree but it wasn't deep, nor large enough to warrant a trip to the burn center.  They did their best to wrap it with gauze and treat it in house.  And we were told what to look for for an infection.  I was told to keep it wrapped up to prevent infection.  Dr. B also reassured us that those accidents happen and relayed a story of her toddler standing beside her and grabbing the iron that was a safe distance away.

And now I ask, do you know how to wrap a baby's hand and how to keep the bandage on?  Because I do...now.  Here's my secret:
See ya gotta wrap the gauze between his thumb and pointer finger.  And then around and then between his pinky and fourth finger and then around and then between his fourth and third finger and then around and then tape it.

But that's not all.  All no!  That is not all.  The final touch...

A glove.
Oh, let's just say it's our tribute to the late "great" King of Pop!  And let me tell ya, that glove can, in no way, hinder this little man from climbing, eating, and doing other 9 month old things.

If that wasn't enough.  Tuesday found us praying hard for our family and friends in Alabama.  We also praised God when one of the larger tornadoes missed our family by about five miles.

I'm not done.

Thursday night, Ceili Rain and I were playing.  I was laying down and she was in front of me.  She threw her head back (as only a toddler can do...full force of her body behind it) and whammed into my front tooth.  Luckily she didn't catch the edge...just the main part.  So, no damage was done to her.  Just amazingly unbelievable pain to me.  After much calling and waiting, I was able to see a dentist on Friday and learn that it was just badly bruised and to be easy with it the next few days.  

I'm not done.

After returning from the dentist.  I was visiting with Tracy, who braved my children for a little while.  Zoe was downstairs doing cartwheels (a newly acquired skill).  We were up in the kitchen or somewhere.  We heard Zoe scream and run.  I went after her and she was laying on her bed hyperventilating.  Upon inspection, I found a nice gash in her side.  One of her cartwheels landed her on the wooden toy box and left a large scrap on her side.  Mark checked it out and we both noticed it wasn't deep so we bandaged with tape and gauze and went on.

That night I went to take the tape off and saw red all around it.  We both panicked.  First thoughts, it's blood...that much blood is not good, maybe we should take her to the er to have it stitched up.  Second thoughts, it's a rash.  Zoe's allergic to tape.  And finally, realization.  Zoe was wearing a pinkish red shirt.  The lint from the shirt stuck to the tape.  Phew!

And that was what we did last week.

On another wonderful note, we are over the stomach bug and it doesn't seem to have taken anyone else hostage.  

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  1. Whew.. I am worn out just from reading it! LOL! I hope you have a very uneventful week this week! I in a good way of course!