Bryant's Nine Months Old

Yep, he's nine months already!  And not, all of us who thought he would be...we're wrong.  He's close, though.  I'm thinking now maybe 11 months will be his point of walking.  He's getting brave...letting go, standing for a few seconds, and then plopping on his rear.  Pull up.  Repeat.  And he thinks that is the coolest thing since sliced bread (which he doesn't like...but that's okay).

Here's the stats:
16 lb 10 oz (3%, yeah, more on that in a second)
29 1/4 inches long (80%)
18 1/4 inches head (85%)

So, yes, if you follow his stats closely (you know, if you're the grandparents), then you'll notice a drop in his percentile on his weight.  I'm impressed that, even though he's following Josiah's growth track he didn't here.  I'm actually glad.  I worried enough when Josiah lost weight between his six and ninth month. 

Dr. B was not too worried.  I told her eats three times a day, nurses four, and enjoys everything we can shove in his mouth.  And would prefer we do that quickly.  He also wants to be on the floor nonstop crawling and pulling and moving everywhere.  She was not concerned and didn't feel we needed to be.  She just encouraged us to amp up his fats (no, that does not mean I can give him a steak but I can give him lots of butter, avocados and the like).  She also said that she would prefer to see a skinny baby that a fat one...way harder to deal with obesity than just healthy skinny eating.

I knew he was skinny and wasn't really surprised to see a drop.  But a drop into the single digits was a bit surprising.  So, we are giving him lots of yummy healthy fats and letting him go until he gets full. 

And, a new fact, Dr. B said that studies have shown that infants introduced to peanut butter early on tend to not develop allergies from peanuts later.  And all you allergy worriers can go out and find the studies to prove otherwise....just reporting what the good doc had read recently. 

Grandparents, don't freak out.  I can assure you he is on track for his development and we're not starving him.  All my babies tend to get skinny when they get mobile and then "fatten up" a little when they start eating more table foods.

Now for some Bryant fun.  Bryant's started doing these funny faces.  At first it was just random, now it tends to be when he's in our arms and we have his food and are getting it ready for him.  Or when we sit down to feed him.  I think it's because we say, "Oh, what are we having tonight?  Avocados and banana with squash...yummy" 

Posing, but when I told him that was not what I wanted, he obliged and performed for the camera...

Better, mom?

Here ya go, one more time!

I crack myself up!

And, I'm adorable to boot! 

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