Bumps and Bruises Week Part 1

Last week made me really wish we had a padded room.  Or at the very least, full body armor for the kids.  Well, maybe not full body, but helmets for all occasions would come in handy.

Josiah started a head injury trend on Wednesday.  As I was teaching the three oldest, he was playing with Ceili Rain.  They were racing from the kitchen down the hallway (it makes for a good little raceway).  Apparently, he was bent down and/or pushing a toy as he raced, and decided he wanted to try and move the kitchen bar.  With his head.  Yeah, the bar didn't move, but he did manage to take a small chunk out of his head.  While I wasn't too concerned about the appearance, it did look rather deep for a scratch, so I called the doctor's office to see if they could look at it to determine if it needed stitches.  The doctor looked and thought that it wouldn't need it for healing but for cosmetic purposes we could have a stitch put in or a steri-strip put on it or glue.  So, I opted to head to the local "doc in the box" that Mark and I call our physican (even though I haven't been there in several years, who needs a GP when you have an OB).  The kids pediatrician didn't have the "tools" necessary to do the work.

So, all seven of us (yep,  I had all the kids), headed to the urgent care.  They took one look at me with all my kids and were really questionable as to whether I could hold a three year old down and a baby at the same time.  Helloooo...how do you think I maintain peace all day?

The doctor there looked at it and didn't feel that the trauma would be worth so small a scare.  I agreed.  They didn't have any glue (I guess Elmer's wouldn't work) but he said because he took a chunk out that a steri-strip wouldn't work so they cleaned it, put a smiley face on a bandage and stuck it on.  Insert happy kid here.  The only problem is that now, I am getting requests for artwork on bandages.  By Friday, we were up to a small robot!

Yeah, I know it doesn't look that bad.  That was a couple days after the accident.  The grimace is because I made him take the bandage off.  I think he thought his brains would fall out if I took it off!

Ahhh, smiley face bandages make it all better.

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