Bumps and Bruises Week Part 2

Apparently, Bryant was jealous from all the attention that Josiah got from his run in with the counter.  So, on Thursday, he got his turn in the limelight.  We were riding bikes (just near our house...no major excursions yet) and I had Bryant in the child's seat attached to my bike.  I swerved to miss a stray preschooler and ever so slowly bumped into the curb.  I wasn't going fast but fast enough to bump me off the seat and make me lose balance with the bike.  I couldn't get the balance back in time to stop the bike from toppling.  Bryant and I both fell down.  He must have had his hand resting on his seat because he came up with a bloody left hand.  He had scraped off the skin of each of his fingers.  As I got him out of his seat, I noticed a little bump on his head.

When we got back to the house, we called all "the experts" and got opinions about whether he needed to be seen in the ER.  By the time we got a hold of all said experts and bandaged up his hand (yes, I was able to keep some bandages on it before bedtime), he was crawling, smiling, and climbing.  At that point, all experts agreed that he probably didn't need to be seen.  So, we settled in for waking him every couple of hours to make sure he could wake up.

And since he's not used to that, he decided on the third wake up to stay up.  For three hours.  Which taught us to let him sleep the rest of the night.

He is doing much better now!  His hand looks awful but it's healing slowly and looks better than it did the night the deed was done.

And, yes, I've learned my lesson, no more biking with baby until he gets his helmet in (which I ordered the night of the accident).

Okay, so the pictures don't do it justice.  You try and get an eight month old to hold still while you take pictures of his hands!

After this accident, we stayed mostly head and body injury free.  Unless you count Ace whamming his head on the top bunk one night, oh and...

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