A Budding Photographer???

We took a field trip to the local television station.  I decided to be crazy brave and let the kids take pictures while we had our tour.  The exciting thing was that Ace volunteered to do it.  The bummer was that I forgot to check the battery life and we had to keep turning it on and off.  If it hadn't been so close to dying, I would have gotten more pictures like this
 Or this,
I mean really...when you go on a field trip everyone wants to remember...
The desk with the hand sanitizer,

the printer,
news reel cassette thingys,

printers and computers...and who could forget the...

They had a bulletin board with nothing on it too.  See???

This was cool though...it's the satellite farm...see those big ones.  Those are the mamas...this satellite here had a whole mess of babies!  I know what that's like, let me tell ya!

 This is the control room.  It was dark in there and I forgot to tell Ace to turn up the flash or the picture woudl be fuzzy.  But, this was a cool room and therefore the picture was relevant to the tour.

Inside where the news comes to us!

Who doesn't enjoy seeing themselves on television?

More close ups!

The souvenir pencil!

Okay, so I know the pictures were a little scattered but for the most part they were in focus and right on the money!  I say that's not bad for a six year old!  Way to Go Ace!!!

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