Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Yep, I know.  It's almost Christmas.  I know.  I'm a month behind.  But this was worth sharing, for the first time ever, we actually had guests for our at home Thanksgiving celebration!  Mark had to be on call this past Thanksgiving so we actually had to stay at home!  I can't believe it either :)  Mark's parents were able to come and help us celebrate so we pulled out all the stops.  Place card settings, beautiful folded napkins (by Zoe), fine china, and our nice tablecloth.  Not to mention our first ever whole turkey roasted, sweet potato casserole, cream corn, green beans, homemade dressing, and the cranberry jelly from a can (yuck on that one).  And for dessert, apple cake and pumpkin pies.

We all enjoyed it and I think our guests did too!

Mark was the turkey man.  I bought it (on sale for a great price) and found the recipe, and he dug out the gizzards and such, and cooked it!  We're a great team.  He also got to carve it.

Stop taking the picture already and give me some food.  Peeaaasss!

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