Review: Where the Jewels Are

A story about princesses, who can go wrong with this?!  Zoe has always been fascinated with princess stories.  It could be because we've always told her she was our princess and that when she asked Jesus to come into her heart that she would be a child of the King of Kings and would be His princess.

So, when the opportunity came up to review Where the Jewels Are and because we all love to read, I jumped at the chance to read and review it.  The tale is about a princess who is seeking a precious jewel. She has a faithful and loving Father who seeks out the best for her.

I thought the tale was very well written and quick to the point.  The book is very short and easy to read. 

After I finished the book, I passed it on to Zoe who read it rather quickly (she's a fast reader) and exclaimed that it was great and she would love to read more of these!  Ace also enjoyed the book and gave two thumbs up and is interested in more (particularly boy ones, go figure).

The book is short enough that an early reader could get through it with little problems.  It's also well priced.  At $5.99 plus shipping, you can be brought into a whismical tale of a little girl and the love her father bestows on her all the while teaching her to love and be content with what she has on hand.

  For details on how to purchase this gem (pun intended) visit Diana Symons website.

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