Getting Ready

My two week posting binge is ended.  So sad.  I must confess that I was planning on posting yesterday but someone had a birthday and we just had to celebrate. 

That would be Zoe and she is now eight years old!  I can't believe that eight years ago, I was holding my first born and a daughter to boot.  We celebrated in style with a Hershey's Cookie Exchange Party.   I'll give all the details later in the week.  Needless to say, I spent all of Sunday night into Monday night in the kitchen.  I really enjoyed it because Zoe was in there with me. 

We also traveled this weekend to visit my family and celebrate Christmas with them.  It was a blast!  And I plan on getting those pictures up soon. 

Bryant enjoyed his first "baby food" meal today.  He was super cute about it but very serious.  Those pictures are coming soon (because who doesn't enjoy seeing a baby covered in mush).

And then today, Ceili Rain woke with a fever and has been feverish all day.  She's been a little congested but mostly just clingy (possessively so...she's only wanted Bryant around me and fusses and pushes her other siblings when she can).  No pictures of puny kids as of now.

We're finishing up school before we take a few days off so posting may continue to be sporadic.  We shall see.

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