A New Brother!

Hehehe...I know what you all are thinking!  But remember, Bryant's only three months old...that would be a record for us.  So, no, I'm not pregnant, and no, our adoption process is still on hold.

Anyway, we are rejoicing in our household because Ace accepted Christ as his Savior.  Mark had the privilege, yet again, of sharing with Ace how to commit his life to Christ.  This time, though, I was able to sit with Mark and Ace as Ace prayed for forgiveness of his sins and asked Christ to be Lord over his life.

Mark is working with Ace (and Ace is reminding him too) to make sure he understands his commitment.  However, we are already seeing fruit from his new life!  The Holy Spirit is working in his heart and he sees and is sorrowful when he sins.  I can not wait to see how God will grow his heart and his life as He strives to bring God glory.

By the way, Ace had been asking question the week after we returned from Kentucky.  Mark was able to sit down with him on Friday, October 22rd and talk to him about some of the things he had been thinking about.  I really believe that God used the Creation Museum to prepare Ace's heart to hear God's word (as well as going through catechisms and stories related to the catechisms) and be open to a commitment to Him.

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  1. Congratulations Ace Man. I am happy to have you as a new brother.