Exercise Check In

Just wanted to report in that I have not abandoned exercising!  And, thanks to have a stomach bug not once, but twice this past month, I am now five pounds lighter.  However, may I recommend not losing weight due to a virus!

I have to confess that due to the ins and outs (pun intended) of being sick we have not been exercising at home as much.  I have been sticking with my first day to 5K and am going to finish up week 4 tomorrow.

And finally, I hit the lewd lyrics.  They are pretty raunchy, so I adjusted.  I looked up on my iPod what the bpm intervals were and wrote them down.  Then, I plugged in TobyMac and worked out!  Much more uplifting.

I also got "the big head."  And thought my 5K training self could take it out of the gym and off the treadmill.  So, when we took the kids to the park this past weekend, I did my exercise on the track.  Yeah.  I'm not ready for that.  For one there's inclines and instead of keeping a steady pace where I can slow down, I found myself trying to run to the music.  That was hard.  Very hard. 

So, when I went to the gym for day two of week 4, I increased my incline but didn't try to break out into a full on run or jog.  I think I need to build up my resistance before trying to actually jog quickly.

No more big heads here...I've been deflated but will continue on to week nine and then, start over again in hopes I will be able to do more actual running the second time through.

Oh, I'm getting some pictures ready for posts for next week so stay tuned.

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  1. Keep up the good work, you'll be running like a pro in no time! Just without all the sickness :)