Little B Update

To pass the time and buy me more time editing's a few shots of my little B. Saying he's little is a bit oxymoronic in that he's quite tall! My rough measurements put him at 27 inches (and he was a bit squirmy as I was trying to measure him). His head is almost at the top of the infant carrier so his new car seat should be here soon. He celebrated his third month by moving from 3 to 6 month clothes into 6 to 9 month ones. "Little" doesn't really describe this guy!

But cute and cuddly does! He's so sweet and loves to be held. And I find it a little stressful for this protective mama to see that he gets thrilled when his brothers bounce him in the bouncy seat. Really high bounces. His greatest laughs come when we bounce him on our knee or make a sudden movement with him.

And he's the first of the crew to actually enjoy tummy time! I think it's because he can see what his siblings are doing around him.

No doubt about it. I love this little guy as much as I love his brothers and sisters! They are a wonderful gift to us!

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