Christmas Shopping

It's no secret...I'm a blog stalker.  I've been following Lora Lynn at Vitafamiliae for awhile now.  I think she knows it too and may be a little creeped out by me.  No big...anyway, they are in the process of adopting and while our adoption is on hold (still), hers is still moving forward.  And she, along with a slew of other people, are raising funds to adopt with as little (or no) debt as possible.

Lora Lynn has put together a Christmas Marketplace of families in the blogosphere and etsy who are in the process of adopting (and raising funds for adoption).  So, if you're looking for something unique and special for someone for Christmas, go now to the link below (or to the right).  Now, to choose what special gift goes with what special person...

(I can't get the blog button to work, for now. So, you'll have to click here to get to the list of shops, for now.)

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