Review: Adventures in Odyssey: Cause and Effect

Okay, I was super pumped to get a chance to review this CD.  We are big Focus on the Family fans and the kids have shown much interest in Odyssey stories when we've downloaded their free podcasts.  So, I finally got the chance to see how they would enjoy a full cd!

Before I get to their review, let me give some detail about what my sleep deprived brain is talking about.  Adventures in Odyssey is a good ol' fashioned radio broadcast for children that teaches Biblical characteristics.  It centers around Wit's End, a soda shop, and the issues that kids typically deal with in their homes, schools, and Christian walk.   Adventures in Odyssey is full of laughs, adventure (hence the name), and some really talented voice actors and actresses.  The Cd we reviewed, Cause and Effect, deals with relevant issues including fear, truth and friends.

This was our first full on experience in Odyssey (the fictional town discussed through out the series).  We jumped right in with "The Mystery of the Clock Tower."  And we couldn't stop listening!  The kids were hooked from the very beginning.  Each episode we've listened to (and that would be almost the whole cd) has been funny, engaging, and teachable.  We received the cd in the mail the day before leaving on a road trip (yep, another one...because we don't travel enough...wonder if the Duggars would sell us their big charter bus).  The kids watched some DVDs but we spent most of the trip listening to and discussing the episodes from the Adventures in Odyssey CD!  The cd reiterates what we are already teaching the kids and weaves Biblical truth into a story that is fun and engaging and tangible!

I highly recommend Adventures in Odyssey:  Cause & Effect and can't wait to finish the cd and get another one for our family road trips!  With five hours of episodes, this could last a long time...or very little depending on what your travel is like!  The CD can be purchased at for $16.95 plus shipping.  Follow the link above to check it out!

(Disclaimer:  This is a Mama Buzz review.  I received this product from Tyndale Publishing to review on my blog.)

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