A Coconut Story

This was too funny not to share. While at the Creation Museum we were visiting the animals at the petting zoo.  As we got ready to leave, Liam took off towards the camel pen and exclaimed, "Oh look!  Coconuts!"  and he picked. them. up.  I'll let Liam tell you in his own words what exactly it was...

A Coconut?! from justabunchofcharacters on Vimeo.

And in case you didn't catch that, it was not a coconut that he picked up, it was a poo.  Camel poo to be precise.  We. were.  rolling!

And yes, I did make him wash his hands before we left!  Maybe that's where all the stomach bugs came from!

Oh, and I think I failed to clarify that the stomach bug was only biting at night.  No one really got sick during the day which means we partied and spread germs all day and then stayed up all night throwing up (well, Ace and Ceili Rain did).

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