Creation Museum

 Can I just say, "WOW!"  We had a wonderful, amazing time at the Creation Museum!  It was two hours from our friends' home so we had decided to load up the kids and go.  Unfortunately, one of their kids was sick so they stayed home and we borrowed Laura to go with us (because, as I said earlier, Zoe and Laura were inseperable).  So, we decided to spread the germs (and we did) with all of Christiandom.  And, as Mark put it, we traveled nine hours and were blessed with free tickets...there was no way he was going to let sick kids stop us.  Okay, so they really weren't the ones who were sick.  It was actually Mark and I that had to keep running to the bathroom (at least we weren't throwing up).  The museum is very well done and for the first time, our kids weren't running from place to place...they actually stopped and listened as we explained each exhibit.  I was impressed with that.

 The live fish were fun too!
 And the garden was soooo beautiful.
 They made a perfect backdrop for our beautiful young lady!

 The animals enjoyed us petting them (as long as we had food)...and we got to see a Zonky and a Zorse (that's a donkey/zebra mix and a horse/zebra example of changes within the kind not jumping from one species to the other...a chicken-cat for example would never be able well as an ape-human...different species see?!)

 Josiah, Liam, and Zoe all voted to ride the camel.  Laura wanted to win we got there but Mark held firm that we weren't trekking all the way back down to pay for another person to it was just the three!

 Naps on the go!
 Posed picture time...

Bryant's fav place...

Okay, this was really long so you'll have to come back tomorrow for the coconut story!

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