It was such beautiful weather, that we couldn't resist taking the kids to another park (we're still in Kentucky here) this time we had throw up occurring on a regular nightly basis Ceili Rain and Ace were the main culprits)...however, they always felt fine during the day. Who knows how many people we infected while we were there!

Josiah has this obsession with all things trains...and dirty!
I'm not sure who was hopping here but I love this picture!

Megan is such a cutie and had lots of smiles despite having a double ear infection!

We all know about Liam right??!!  You must return tomorrow for a story about him at the Creation Museum.  It's a must read!

These tweens look like they got attitude...but they sure were sweet together!  And inseparable!

The playground was gated and Ceili Rain and James were contained!

Yes, I do believe he knows how cute he is!

They are sitting together and being sweet...unfortunately this is the day Bama lost :( 

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