Another Big Girl

Ceili Rain decided last week to learn how to climb into her bed.  Since she's an independent little thing, I started to fear she would try to climb out how she climbed in (diving head first)...the floor isn't as soft as her mattress.  So, Mark and I discussed it and realized the time had come to take down the railing on the crib and make it a toddler bed.

Guess who was super thrilled with her new bed?!?

The first night, she got out of bed at least once.  This is where having sisters share a room comes in handy.  Zoe informed me in the morning (after the first night) that she had actually gotten out a couple of times but the last time, she got what she wanted and climbed back into bed.  Since, she's really not gotten out much.  If she has, Zoe's put her back in bed without our help.

Mark made this crib and we've always had a baby in it, so we've never taken it apart.  Since Bryant and Ceili Rain were a little closer in age than the rest of the kids, we kept Ceili Rain in her crib.  So, she got to be the first one to use it as an actual toddler bed.

I can't believe how big she's getting and how independent.   Last week as well, she started trying to use a regular cup and has been pretty successful at it.   Now, I'm in search of cups for her...anyone know where to get 7 ounce plastic purple cups?

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