It's off to Ge & Granddaddy's

A couple weekends ago, we headed to Ge & Granddaddy's house.  They had not gotten to hold Bryant since he was he'd grown a little...
 but he's still cuddly.

 We got to go to a high school game where Granddaddy used to coach.  Liam used Granddaddy as a chair while we watched the game.  I think he had the best seat in the house.
 Granddaddy put Mark to work cleaning out the fish pond.  Ceili Rain was a bit in awe of the fish.

 Mark got a nice little workout in the 90 degree fall weather!

 Taking a break from football to blow bubbles.

Again, the best seat in the house!

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  1. Your dad looks so blissfully happy in that last picture! It's so sweet! :)